Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sonshine Festival

The Sonshine Festival.
An event where, for four days straight... you can fill your ears with as much live music by christian artists as is desired.
The departure date for this greatly anticipated adventure to Willmar, Minnesota came six days ago.

Due to the expensive consequences that would be the result of bringing the entire family, we left four boys at home to have an adventure of their own.

Praying with Dad before departure...

Our means of travel on this seven hour drive was the trusty RV.
There is nothing like being able to snuggle while driving long hours!

Honking the horn as we went under each overpass was the entertainment for a little while...

One of our favourite games to play with the kids while traveling is one we call the "ABC game".
It is as simple as finding letters of the alphabet on signs, buildings, or vehicles in order from A to Z.

Since we were only able to leave close to supper time, we only traveled for a couple of hours before stopping at a Wal-mart for the night.
The next day we completed our journey.

Our days became ones of getting to bed super late (there were movie showings after the evening concerts for two out of the three nights we were there... and they only finished during the early hours of the morning), waking up late (8:30 a.m. yaaaaaa'll!! :), eating breakfast, waiting to eat an early lunch, eating an early lunch and then heading out for a day filled with music.

Below is Ker cooking up some supper.
We came back to the RV for an early supper during the music break, then once again headed out to take in more concerts.

This is the main stage... where we spent much of our time.

Colten Dixon

One of our favourite bands playing was the Newsboys!

That same evening, right after the Newsboys we watched "God's Not Dead" on the big screen. Though we had seen the movie once already, it was still a pretty amazing experience!

That was a bit of our first day....
Here is day two!

There was an area set up just for kids.
The littles of our family visited every day.

Jamie Grace

The big evening concert.... Need To Breathe.

Day three!
The morning of this day, I decided to go for a run down what turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL paved path along fields and trees in Willmar. About five minutes in it began pouring rain, and soon after, I was soaked through, shoes and all.
But I got my run in.
And it was still really beautiful.
And my shoes dried out nicely after about twelve hours. :)

Willmar, MN run; speed training (5k)
Sat, Jul 19, 2014 9:12 AM Central Time (US & Canada) By arrow runner
Distance:3.10 mi
Avg Pace:8:30 min/mi
Elevation Gain:38 ft
Calories:362 C
Moving Time:26:20
Elapsed Time:26:20
Avg Pace:8:30 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:30 min/mi
Best Pace:7:21 min/mi
Avg Pace
Feels like 68°
0 mph N wind
Humidity 78%
Source: KBDH

The rain didn't last very long, and so come noon time, we were back at the main stage...

7eventh time down singing "Just say Jesus"

This final day one of our most favourite artists was preforming.... Kari Jobe. It quickly turned into our most favourite moment of the entire trip.
Not only do we love Kari's music, but we also love her heart. She can lead people into the worship of her God like no artist I have seen before.
It was a feeling like no other to be surrounded by and joining in to the harmonies of other believers as we all worshiped together.

And with that final, sweet memory, we left the Sonshine Festival and traveled for a couple hours homeward.

After once again stopping at a Wal-mart for the night, we did some more driving, lots of shopping, lots of eating at Pizza Ranch... and then, home again.


And that was our fun, music filled vacation!


Megan said...

Great pics! It twas a fun time indeed!!

Erin said...

Have you heard of the Life Light festival? My family really enjoys it. It's also an outdoor Christian music festival, but it's free, what's not to love about that? :) I've been to Sonshine as well, but actually enjoy Life Light better. You should check it out :)

Jennifer said...

We have heard of the Life Light Festival, but it is usually right in the middle of harvest for us, so we can't leave home then. :(

But thanks for your comment, always love hearing from readers and fellow bloggers! :)

K. M. Wiebe said...

I just saw Megan's post on this festival, and came to leave a comment on yours because I was laughing at your starstruck comment over there. :P You're adorbs.

Barely a month before Sonshine, we were selling lemonade and kettle corn in New Brunswick at another such Christian music event, which the Newsboys headlined. Well, I wasn't there, I was caring for the chickens, but our stand was. :P

While you were at Sonshine, I was in Minneapolis visiting my fiancé (yup--news, that). So yeah, narrowly missed y'all. xD Sort of.

I'm actually going to be here in the states for another couple months, so email me if you're in the area or passing through, and we can meet up and I'll buy you a milkshake or something. :) (Or maybe you're a coffee person?)

Hope the harvest is going well for you!

Jennifer said...

WHAT!!! You are engaged!?!?! Congrats! I am excited for you!!!
I am not a milkshake or a coffee person (cuz' I am weird like that ;) but it would be nice to see you again! I don't think we are making a trip that way anytime soon, but if we are I will contact you!

K. M. Wiebe said...

Hmm. Are you a herbal tea person? A coke person? A lemonade person? An ice cream person? Oh wait... You're a water person, amirite? ;)

I'm legally married at this point, but I haven't really announced it to everyone, because we're not sure if we want to have a traditional ceremony or not. xD I decided I might as well tell my friends, anyway. So yes, I married this American. He's cute, and nerdy, and sweet, and works as a carpenter. :)

He's going to move to Canada with me, if Canada lets him. It will take probably 9 months or so for them to process our paperwork, and then we'll see if he can.

So that's where I am in life, atm. :)

My brother and sister are both living at home right now. My brother is working, and my sister is studying Adventure, Recreation, and Tourism in Maine. I thought I would update you, because we haven't talked in a while, and I know all your news through your blog, and Megan's. :P

I was sorry to read about your running injury. =/ I hope your legs recover completely over the winter months. Luckily tutoring involves lots of sitting, eh?

Y'know, I was just perusing your Dream List, and I realized that you should probably come out to New Brunswick sometime in a big airplane (9), where my sister can teach you to play her uke (34), my brother can help you record some songs (13), and you can sing at his coffee house (11), and my sister can guide you up Katahdin (27). Of course, I'll have to get them to agree to these things, and I'll have to leave Minneapolis first. But yes. :P

Dreams, dreams, dreams. :)

I wish you a peaceful Christmas, Jennifer!