Saturday, August 16, 2014


The time of year in which the words "reap what you sow" become the literal rhythm of life.
The planting, the watering (the weeding!) and now finally... the increase.

Picking, hulling, cleaning, flash freezing, bagging, shelling, blanching, canning... all this taking up the majority of our summer hours as of late.

But who says that you can't have fun workin'???

There are many little treasures found along the way...

*Produce isn't always edible!*

Busy Days, every day. But the life we choose, the life we love.

The past couple of days we have also done some harvesting in the fields. 
Soon we will be in full fledge harvest mode which, for us, will signal the end of Summer and usher in Autumn.
A new season.
Bring it on!

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Bethany Carson said...

The strawberries and raspberries look delicious. And your shot of the peas is so good they almost look delicious too.