Friday, May 29, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

I am sitting on the deck as I compile this post. The sounds of children playing, birds singing and frogs beginning their evening chorus interrupt the early evening stillness. The air smells of rain with a hint of apple blossom fragrence. It is a perfect setting to reflect on days gone by and catch you all up on the goings on of my life.

End of February. Still winter. As I already mentioned, Kerri's best friend came out to visit us from Tennessee. We hadn't seen each other in over a year, so we had so much to catch up on. We had the best time!

In March spring began showing up on the farm. And for me, my busiest season, lasting through the months of March, April and some of May. Calving went great this year! The weather was about perfect for the little calves, and there were no birthing complications or sicknesses. Pretty soon they will all be happily romping in the pastures.

On April fifteenth we welcomed my baby brother Michael Gideon into this world. After three years with no new babies in the house, it has been a joy to have a little one to love on again!
Mikey is such a little stinker, and has completely stolen my heart. :)
He has so many faces that he makes already and we can tell that he is going to be a very energetic little boy!

Michael the day he was born...

Michael at six weeks...

A couple of months before Michael was born we had a little gender reveal party along with the birthday party that we had for Josiah. We were not telling anyone (besides our immediate family) the gender until after he was born, so I wasn't able to share these pictures until now. Joey was quite excited that he was getting a new baby brother!

The secret is in the cake!

I didn't get any pictures of the guys out seeding the fields this year, but they finished a couple of weeks ago. Now they are on to spraying, which makes it a little bit less busy for us errand runners. 
It is supposed to freeze tonight, so we are all praying hard that our crops will be protected!

There now, all caught up. :)
But I am not about to drop off the face of the earth again.
On Monday I am starting a blogging challenge with two of my sista's. 
Stay tuned! ;)

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