Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Camping Vlog

Hey all!
Well, I did it again... another vlog! :)
This one I took while we went camping last weekend. It is super long, but I made it as short as possible with the almost-80 videos I took. :)
I had a few issues with the volume of a few of the clips, it sounded fine when I was finished last night, but I noticed after uploading that some of the music was to loud and some of the clips were to quiet. I didn't want to have to go through the uploading process again... so I just left it as is. (Sorry about the volume adjustments you will have to make.)
A-NY-WAY. I have so much fun making these vlogs because I find it easy to be true to who I am, and it is fun to give you all a glimpse of what life with my huge (amazing!) family looks like.
I hope you all enjoy it!!


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Loved it! The kids couldn't sit still cause they loved it! :) Peace out! from Brendan!

godly-young-widow said...

Good job! Keep them coming!