Monday, April 25, 2016

Like Sophie

We have a goat named Sophie. She is a minature... something. It has been so long since we got her that I have forgotten.
Kerri bought her as a kid (sometime before Mikaya was born) as a pet. Since then Sophie has had a couple of kids, and we milked her for a time; but for the most part, she has just been a companion for the milking cows.
She has never been sick a day in her life (that she has told us anyhow ;) and she is the most feisty, hearty little creature.

This morning as I was bottle feeding a calf, I noticed that one of the cows was getting quite annoyed with Sophie. The cow had recently given birth, so I had moved her into the milking cow's pen to work with the calf. New mamas are especially protective of their young. Apparently, this mama saw Sophie as a threat and went after her.

Sophie, seeing this cow ten times her size coming at her, did not back down. They fought, (I thought for sure that she would get hurt, because that cow was mad!) but after a little tussle, the cow gave up and backed down. Sophie then chased the cow around for a little while to let her know who was boss.

I had to laugh as I watched this scene unfold. That Sophie! In her head, she is ten times larger that she really is, and that is what makes her the boss of any cow that challenges her.

The whole thing got me thinking. What if I were more like Sophie.
What if I saw my problems, struggles, addictions... whatever, not as giants that I have no chance at conquering, but rather as things that I can win against.
The truth is, though the giants in my life may seem big and intimidating, it is all in how I see them. Sophie sees those cows as a challenge that she is ready, (even sometimes I think excited) to take on. And she never has any intention on loosing.

Inside every one of us is the ability to win, because we have the power of Christ within us. Romans 8:37 tells us that because of God's great love for us, we are more than conquerors. Maybe we should start acting like it.
Yes, those giants may seem big, scary... even impossible. But we can't be more than what we think we are. And we are children of the same God who moves mountains when He speaks.

If Sophie didn't think herself big, she would spend her time running away and hiding from her giants, instead of being queen of her castle.

It is time we take charge, boss those giants around, chase them away and live the life of freedom that God intended for us to live.

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