Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Boy's Birthday

Anyone else out there super excited about the amazing weather that we have been having?
I sure am!
It felt like this winter past would last forever... but here we are, in our summer garb, enjoying the sunshine!

Today is my nephew Brendan's fourth birthday.
It seems like yesterday that we met his sweet little face for the first time, and here he his... all growed up. :)

Becca invited us to roast hot dogs over a campfire to celebrate. 
You may notice from the pictures that some of us are missing, they were working in the fields, seeding time is upon us!

These were his expressions when he saw his birthday present... a new bike! 

Cake by Becca. :)

Love all these peeps. <3

 Boys will be boys...

Happy birthday Bird! Auntie loves you. <3


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Thanks for capturing these special memories!!

Shayla Thiessen said...

aw! Happy Birthday Brendan!!