My Dream List

A dream. To contemplate the possibility of doing something.

Welcome to my Dream List.
What is a dream list? It is basically a list of things that I hope to accomplish one day in the course of living. When I started this blog as an eighteen year old, my goals and dreams were VERY different than what they are now. It is amazing to me, going through and reading the old list, how much I have changed in the past eight years. So this is now the updated version. The things I hope to do from twenty-five years onward.

(They are in no particular order, and the crossed out ones are the ones that have been completed.)

1. Get married
2. Pilot a small airplane
3. Become a worship leader
4. Do missions in a foreign country
5. Run 26.2 miles                                                                      
6. Run 5 miles ~ Completed August 8, 2012
7. Become a mom
8. Learn to speak some other language
9. Go to Niagara Falls
10. Host a race to Star Mound ~ Completed August 3, 2016
11. Run a 5k along a beach
12. Go indoor rock climbing
13. Be in "The Amazing Race"
14. Own a jeep
15. Run 5 miles in under 40 min.
16. Write in my journal every day for a year
17. Travel overseas
18. Go for 30 days without eating anything unhealthy (ie. desserts, sweets,  sugary drinks, greasy food ect)
19. Memorize 50 bible verses
20. Travel to Israel
21. Run a marathon (race)
22. Cook/bake through a recipe book
23. Read through the bible in 90 days ~ Completed May 1, 2011
24. Volunteer at an orphanage
25. Tour a castle
26. Go to a Calgary Flames game
27. Hike up a mountain
28. Drive a Bug
29. Go the the Calgary Stampede (again, I did once when I was around 8)
30. Ride an ostirch
31. Travel to Scotland
32. Witness to a stranger
33. Lead a bible study
34. Learn to play a ukulele ~ Completed October, 2016

35. Live in a country house that has a veranda
36. Have an outdoor wedding
37. Do something that terrifies me (conquer a fear)
38. Blog twice a week for a year
39. Learn to play a new instrument
40. Work with Disaster Relief
41. Ride an elephant
42. Read the book "Martyrs Mirror"
43. Own a Mustang car
44. Learn how to do a "bob" style haircut ~ Completed April, 2011
45. Do a giveway on my blog ~ Completed May 11, 2014
46. Visit an Amish household
47. Drive a horse sleigh
48. Fly a hanglider
49. Wake up at 6:00am every morning for 2 weeks straight ~ Completed October 11, 2011
50. Run every day for 2 weeks straight
51. Ride a Camel
52. Travel to Africa
53. Win a soul for Christ
54. Play Tennis on my birthday ~ Completed July 30, 2014
55. Run 5k in 24 minutes
56. Finish knitting a blanket for the baby.... BEFORE the baby comes :) Completed sometime before Elijah was born.
57. Go to a Jets game
58. Run 13.1 miles (the distance of half a marathon) Completed November 26, 2012
59. Run 13.1 miles in 1hr 40min 
60. Run in a race ~ Completed October 12, 2014
61. Fly in a large airplane ~ Completed February 22, 2017
62. Ride in a helicopter
63. Volunteer at a shelter
64. Reach my goal weight
65. See a venomous snake in the wild... from a distance. ;)
66. Catch air on the wake board
67. Go for a run in the Pembina hills
68. Bike around Lake Minnewasta
69. Attend a fitness class
70. Hike to a waterfall
71. Complete every single workout in Jillian Michaels' "Body Revolution" Completed March, 2017
72. Bike to and from Star Mound
73. Go skydiving
74. Visit the Holocaust memorial
75. Travel to Paris