Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Antsy

I'm the type of person that gets really excited about simple things... and EXTREMELY excited about big things.
I guess to say that I'm getting antsy is an understatement.

I'm ready for spring. Really ready.
I can almost see the snow melting away and new life starting to appear.
I can almost smell the fresh smell and feel the "SO ALIVE" feeling that comes along with spring.

I'm not excited for the mud.
I'm not excited about the milking cows and the horses having spring fever.
And I'm not excited for the laundry load to double (something that automatically comes with the mud :).

But I'm excited for everything else.
The calving, the running, the rain, the planting, the green grass (that WILL eventually come... I just know it :), the riding, the thunderstorms... the list could go on forever.

Winter is nice, for a season. But I'm getting that antsy feeling for spring to come again.

The promise of new life.
The promise of a fresh start.

These are some pictures that I took of Mikaya and Joey the other day. 
I'm purposing to do more picture taking... cause I know that I have been relying on Megan ALOT to take most of the pictures for my blog (do ya blame me... she is AMAZING!). I know that one day... she probably won't be around as much, so I though I better start practicing!

Blessings all!



Shelby said...

I'd send you some Spring from down in LA if I could!

Jenny's writings said...

That's sweet of you Shelby... I wish it were possible! :)

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

I know what you mean. Remember a while ago when I was over and we were talking about weather or not we were waiting for Spring, and I think it was you and me that siad we were still enjoying Winter. But those feelings have changed, I still enjoy having Josh around more, but Spring is going to be a welcome thing!!