Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joey + Gooseberries

Have any of you ever heard of a gooseberry?
Well, this is what they are...

It is a fruit that grows on small bushes, of which we have 2.
They are SUPER, SUPER sour... and only taste good if you make them into jam, or bake (dad's fav.) gooseberry perishke (this link is not the recipe that we use, but it gives you an idea).
Well... that's my opinion anyway, but not Joey's....
This kid LOVES gooseberries. He never even makes a face when he eats them. (something I find next to impossible to accomplish... and believe me, I really like sour things!) 


He would eat the whole bowl if I would let him!

Whenever I make anything out of gooseberries, Joey's face lights up, and before I know it, he is stealing handfuls left and right.

Not sure how he does it... but here is proof,
Joey LOVES gooseberries!