Sunday, December 2, 2012

(Installment 10) Dear Mom and Dad,

I can feel the excitement rising in the air as we all realize that our days with you away from home are about to come to an end.
WE ARE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a nice relaxing day, in which we didn't do much. Therefore, I don't have much to write about :)
So this may more or less be a very boring post. But that's ok... right?!?!?! :)

We had church at home, did some reading while the kids played outside and played Wii, aaaaand Ker made icecream and popcorn treats for the kiddoes this evening.

Ya, anyhooooo. I hope that you are having a good trip home!!!
Love you and miss you MORE!!!!

Caleb says:
Yes, my headache is better. I can't wait until you get home!!! Love you!

Zachary says:
This morning we had muffins for breakfast. And then we cleaned up and went outside. After that we watched a video of Lindell Cooley. Then ate lunch, went outside and played sled races, and came in to play Wii. We ate chocolate covered popcorn, and went back outside. Now I'm writing. I love you very much! xoxoxoxox Love Zach

Jesse says:
Yes, singing Christmas carols was a lot of fun! Thats good that you are having a safe drive! I have 133 eggs. Second place has 39. Third place has 2. Fourth and Fifth place have 1. We can't wait until you come home!! Today some snow melted. xoxoxoxo Love Jesse

Nathan says:
The chickens are doing well. Yes, it was the chicken that was laying under the box most of the time.
Watch out for school buses! Travel safe! I hope you are having a good time on the road. Love you! Looking forward for you to come home! xoxoxoxo Love Nate

Brooke says:
I didn't know that it wasn't slippy, thats good, I don't you to crash or anything like that. I hope you are traveling safely. We had popcorn with chocolate chips and smarties and chocolate and whatever sauce. It was good! I hope you are having fun. I love you. For lunch we had an apple and a piece of bread with peanut butter and honey on it. It was yummy! I like my brothers and my sisters. We went out once in the morning and then we went out tonight, we just came in. We had a good day today. It is fun when you have brothers and sisters. I hope you are having fun. xoxoxox Love Brooke

Mikaya says:
I HOPE the weather is not bad. I REALLY miss you! We got some popcorn and some stuff in the popcorn. Smarties and chocolates, they were sticky! Did you have anything that looks like dessert for supper? I got 3 eggs. I wish I was on a team with Jes because he got the most eggs. Joey had been really good at Megan and Henry's and so did I. Today Joey was sitting by me and kept hugging me and kissing me. I'm glad soon your coming back home. You keep asking on the phone for Jen and Kerri. Jen and Kerri are my best big sisters. I like all of the other kids. I hope your having a good time! I almost have 4 eggs. I hope someday I win it! (egg contest). I love you!

Josiah says:
We go outside. We played outside. I hope you are having a good day! Your having fun outside? Your having a good day at Henry and Megans? Are you watching froggy? We like snow! We go and play with snow. I eat snow. We make supper. We make supper at Henry and Megan's. I love you!

Jaden......... is sleeping :)

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The Pauls' Family said...

Hi family!

Thanks again for the update. It's hard to believe that we will be with you all soon! We made lots and lots of miles today and are much closer to you than yesterday!!! The only sad thing is that we have left the nice warm weather. It's still pretty nice here....but not like it was this morning! It felt like a summer morning!!!

Glad you had a relaxing day. That's what Sundays are for :) Never boring when you are talking about my family :)

It's so neat to know that you watched the service that we attended last week! Did you ever find us?

How did the ice cream turn out Kerri? Have you made this recipe before?

We can't wait to be home!

I had toasted waffles for breakfast. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and babysat two little boys. They always wanted eggo waffles for breakfast! I haven't had them in a long time! Chocolate covered popcorn? Wow, that sounds interesting! Did it taste good?

Congratulations on winning the egg contest! You did good! We will see you soon!

Well I didn't think that chicken would survive. We will watch out for school buses and travel safe. We are looking forward to being home!

Yes, and we are hoping it won't be slippy tomorrow! I am so glad you like your brothers and sisters. You are so blessed! See you soon!

The weather is not bad so far! We really miss you too! I'm sure you will win the egg contest someday! See you soon!

It sounds like you played outside!!! I am glad you like snow....we will have to get used to it again! We haven't seen snow for over a week!!! See you soon!

Sleep tight little man!!!

I love you all so much and am looking forward to seeing all of your faces again!!!

Remember Who is in charge!

Love Mom