Monday, September 22, 2014

I'll Dream For You

School is beginning again. And again there are those moments that find me sitting at a table supervising school work. Idle hands itching to write.
So I write, maybe about nothing at times. 
Maybe about certain subjects that are being laid on my heart. 
Maybe about frustrations, dreams and aspirations. 
Maybe there will be no words, but a lone picture.
Whatever the case, there will likely be more posts popping up on this my internet space, more often as the school year progresses.

Today I share a song that has been one of my favourites since I heard if for the first time one harvest evening spent in the grain truck with my big brother.
It speaks to my current inner struggles, and shares a message that stills my soul.

I have dreams, but God's dreams for me are so much bigger. Even just knowing that is enough.

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