Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ending the Picture Drought

Looking back on my blog, I noticed that it has been a while since I have posted any pictures. The reason being that in the busyness that is summer, I have not taken the time to pull my camera out and capture moments.
I know that phone pictures are blurry (especially when taken with my phone :), the quality is bad. But phones are so much more accessible and I have found it easy to whip it out and take pictures of the little things that would otherwise be only a memory.
So, today... if you would look through the pictures on my phone, you would see this.

Pictures of little brothers making silly face when they find your phone unattended.

Of baby smiles and squishy faces that brighten up my every day.

Of a few of my favourite things.

Of people that I love.

Of birthday gifts from brothers.

Of bale picking.

 Of the one on one moments I get to share with brother and sister, niece and nephew during the season of harvest.

And lastly, of the harvest.

Soon I will make the time to pull out the camera and take some pictures that are less imperfect. 
But for now... this will have to do. :)

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