Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Work hard to play hard

Can I start out by saying that my mom is amazing? These past couple of days, she has lead a charge of boys in hauling the wood in for the winter, and has been running a chain saw like nobody's business. This has taken a huge load off of the guys and the large "To Do List" that I wrote about yesterday. 
Anyway, while Caleb and Zach were working at the pig barn yesterday, mom and the remaining boys of hers, worked on splitting some of the logs that had been brought in from the bush a couple of days earlier. 
I snapped some pictures, because I had a moment, and golly... I was so proud of how the little champs were working so hard! 
From the youngest to the oldest, we are working hard so we can escape and vacation for a couple of weeks. :)
Anyway, without further ado (and further gushing...), pictures.

*After I finished writing this post yesterday, mom comes in and says "Well, I did it, I squished my thumb in the log splitter.". She ended up going to the emergency and found that she broke her thumb. So if y'all could pray that she doesn't have to much pain, and that it heals quickly, that would be great!

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