Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bragging Rights

Hey Everyone!

I always wanted to do this one day when I had a blog... well, now I have a blog, so I'm gonna do this! :)

I figure that since my youngest sibling is 19 years younger then me.... and that I am now an Aunty.... that I would have some right to brag. So get ready :)

Left to right: Nephew Andy, Brothers Josiah and Jaden


These three "babies" in my opinion are the sweetest, cutest and most adorable babies in the world.
Stopping right there I think that you can tell that I LOVE babies.

I was THRILLED when I found out that this little sweetheart....


Was going to be born right around the time of my birthday. Turned out that he was born 1 day before.
I'm telling you, a baby is the BEST birthday present in the WORLD. I actually got to hold him ALL day long :)
Isn't he just the SWEETEST little thing???

And then there is Andy...

Doesn't he just melt your heart?
If you go visit his mommy's blog you can see that he has learned to sit on his own!!! I'm one proud aunty :)
Andy is NEVER short of smiles.... except for maybe right before nap time :)
I thank God over and over for this little miracle baby.

And last but not least, Joey....

Who couldn't just LOVE that little grin!
He loves to give kisses (and get plenty of them too :) and we are TRYING to get him to start talking (it is something he is a little late on I'm afraid :). 
It is so FUN to watch a little baby grow up and start exploring his world. Sure it means that he gets into lots of trouble... be he IS learning :)

So those are my babies,
Sorry for all the bragging, it was just something that I wanted needed to do :)

❀ Jennifer


Mrs. Pauls said...

Hi Jen, I'm looking forward to knowing you better as you blog. Just one question, do you prefer to be called Jennifer, Jenny, or Jen? :)


Jen said...

Hey Mrs. Pauls!
You can call me whatever you like :)
But I usually go by Jen.
Thanks for commenting!