Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Every morning, and every evening




Every morning and every evening at 7:30 I go out to the barn with one of my two faithful partners (aka... Meg or Kerri). 
I dump feed into a bucket and let the first cow come in.
I wash the cow and put the milk machine on her.
I set up the straining cloth and label the pails that I am going to use.
When the cow is empty I take the milk machine off, strain the milk and fill (Sally's calf) Clover's bottle while my milking partner lets the first cow out.
I dump more feed into the bucket and let the second cow in.
My milking partner goes to feed Clover.
I wash the second cow and put the milk machine on her.
I dump the milk into the pails and put them in the fridge.
When the second cow is empty I take the milk machine off of her, strain the milk and half fill Clover's bottle.
My milking partner again goes to feed Clover.
I sweep the floor where the cows were standing.
I dump the milk into the pails and put them in the fridge.
I wash the milk machine.
I hang up the milk machine in the exact place it is supposed to be.

This is what I do every single morning and every single evening.
The only thing I ever do different is in the morning I wash the outside of the milk machine and sweep the floors.

Every morning and every evening, it all remains the same.

Am I complaining... umm...NO!

Let me tell you a secret... I LOVE routine.
In fact, my sisters tell me that I'm almost as bad as the jersey cows
Let me explain...

Jersey cows get very upset if their routine gets changed
Each cow knows EXACTLY what she is supposed to do and when she is supposed to do it.
Both of my girls know if they are first or last to be milked and to only come when they are called.
They know EXACTLY how many people there are usually in the barn and what the lighting is like.
They know which things are usually where and which person is milking them.

If I tried to bring Lonnie first instead of Sally... they would both get very confused and upset.
If I turned on a fan so that the light bulb casts different shadows then they are used to then my cows become very jumpy and frightened.
If I move some bags or boxes around they have to Smell them before they will take another step.
If a different person other then me milks the cows they will usually give less milk then they are supposed to.
Jersey cows DON'T like to get messed up.

And neither do I.

If someone comes in "my barn" and puts something in an improper place, I won't be able to continue milking until I set it right.
If someone other then me milks and they put the milk machine in the wrong spot or in the wrong way... I get kind of upset inside.
I don't usually let anyone else sweep the floor cause it has got to be swept just so. (I know, I know... I'm working on it!)

Everything has to be done right, and done in order.
That is just the way I am... in the milking barn.
ROUTINE FREAK is what I am :)

But I like my job. I love it that I can help my family out in this way.
Even if I do do exactly the same thing....

Every morning and every evening.

❀ Jennifer

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Anonymous said...

I miss that "routine" too!
Not to mention my cow-girls!

Love ya like a ton!