Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Alone ~ Installment #2

Well, as you may have guessed by the title of this post... Mom and Dad have once again fled the premises regretfully left their home... and all their kiddoes to go gallivanting off into the sunset. Umm... that is they left us to go on a romantic GETAWAY for a few days.

All us kids have been excitedly sadly left at home to do as we please... well sorta.

This time the left-at-homeness is a TAD bit more stressful cause we have several cows that are about to pop (to put it kindly :). Your's truly tends to worry about stuff like this a tad. It's a good thing I have sisters that are quite the opposite and keep me calm... as calm as I get that is :)

Anyway, Mom and Dad left this morning at precisely 8:30am and us kiddoes watched and waved as they drove out of the yard... 2 seconds later... the party began! :) I promptly began teaching the kids school and thankfully we finished in time for lunch :)

So far the biggest excitement of the day has been going for a walk down the lane to get the mail, playing hockey, watching "Moe and the big Exit" and Grandma and Grandpa coming over!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today. The sun was a shining and the hope of spring lingering in the air.
We were thankful that we were able to force allow the kids to play outside much of the day. The house always stays a bit ALOT cleaner when the kids are outdoors!

Well, my Grandma and I are trying to find a cute haircut for her... so I better scat.

P.s. This is a picture that Megs took after we went for our walk this morning.....



~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Sounds like a good day! I know you and your sisters will do a great job while your parents are away.
I love the picture of you all!

How exciting!!!
I hope the cows are doing well! Do you guys ever have to help them during delivery?


Jenny's writings said...

Hey McKenzie!
The cows are doing good so far :) Yes, we sometimes do help them during the delivery. Though it may not be necessary all the time..if we are there we will usually pull the calf after the head is out, just to ensure that the calf doesn't get hip locked. Most cows can make it on their own though.
Hope your babies are doing well! :)