Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Scoop

Note: This post is mostly for Mom and Dad to let them know how things are going and what we are doing and... stuff.

Last night was a BLAST!!!
We put all the kiddoes to bed... and the REAL party began. I'm telling you, my Grandparents REALLY know how to party :)

We started fooling around with photo booth on the Mac. Everytime we play with that thing we all laugh so hard that tears are running down our cheeks and our stomachs hurt. But is SURE feels GOOD!
As usual Grandma was in the center taking the brunt of all the laughter... but she was laughing too, so I think she was okay with it :)
We took a video as well... but I won't post it, simply because my sweet grandmother did it ONLY for me :)

My SWEET grandparents!

After all the photo booth fun, we went milking and talked for awhile. Grandma asked what we would do after they left, and we said that we'd probably do some partying! She said "maybe we'll stay and help you party then!" so they did (are they not just cool?? :). We sang the night away... that is we watched a Gaither DVD until 11:00 p.m.

When our sweet Grandparents left we stayed up a bit longer (I won't tell you how long :) and watched a movie before plopping into bed.


Today was alot more relaxing then yesterday.
Did school with the kids.  They got done really fast and were finished all their work by 10:30am (yup mom, I did make sure that they got everything done... no worries!).
Ker and I used the extra time to do some Wii exercising, oh so fun! :)

The rest of the day was very uneventful. Surprisingly.
No calves yet.
No hockey.
No walks.
Just plain old normalness :)

The boys played outside most of the afternoon cause the weather was nice enough. Right now they are cleaning off the rink because it is supposed to rain tomorrow :( Not good.
Brooke, Mikaya and Josiah are playing a card game together. Joey keeps saying "monkey" so I'm not exactly sure what game it is :)
Jaden is sitting on my lap desperately trying to devour the keyboard. I'm writing this all with one hand to keep him at bay :)

Okay...ah, I gotta go.
I think the card game went sour.... Joey is screaming at the top of his lungs, and Mikaya needs me to "straighten" her cards.



The Pauls' Family said...

Thanks for the update Jen! Sounds like you have everything well under control :)

Glad Grampa and Grama helped you party. Yes, they are very sweet :) Where do you think I got it from :0

Glad you were able to get done school so quickly! Sounds like you don't need me to co-teach!!!

Joey, Joey, Joey!!!! You are a sweet little monkey....except when you mess up your sisters cards, then you're just a monkey!!

Jaden, are those girls not feeding you enough that you have resorted to eating keyboards?!? Don't worry, Mommy will be home soon :)

Love you all. We are having a great time!

ps. I am still waiting for the egg report!

Jenny's writings said...

Love you too and hope that you are having an AMAZING time!
We'll get that egg report to ya in the morning K?
Your Jenmy