Friday, March 11, 2011

It always happens...

Something unusual seems to ALWAYS have to happen when Mom and Dad are gone. And this time the "unusual" is a BLIZZARD!
Ya, we are currently in a whiteout! CRAZY!
The cows tend to like to give birth during bad weather, so we are bracing ourselves for a calf to come anytime now. I would actually be surprised if it didn't happen.

Things went well today. School went along smoothly. We heard about the earthquake in Japan (as well as all the tsunamis that happened as a result), my heart is breaking for all the people that have been affected by it. The kids started asking questions about earthquakes after they heard about it, so I got them to watch a video on it for science today.
The beginning of the day was REALLY beautiful. The kids spent alot of the afternoon out there... and it was a good thing. They were CRAZY hyper today (kids like to forecast bad weather that is coming... in the only way they can.... I've tried to tell them that we have better ways of finding out now adays, but they seem to turn a deaf ear whenever I mention it :)
I cut our neighbour's little girl's hair today.
Lonnie and Sally got their pen cleaned out today, they were very happy about that (thanks to Josh!).

Mom... here is the egg count. Wednesday we got 24, yesterday we got 23 and today we got 16 (must be the blizzard??).

Jaden has decided today that he would like to start eating everything and anything he possibly can. So now we have to be VERY careful that the floor is clean before we put him down.. silly boy.

Tonight we are going to have a SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!! Complete with hairdo's, games, movies and popcorn. We haven't had a slumber party in a good while... so I'm quite excited :)

Wow, every time I look out the window the blizzard keeps getting worse! Might have to tie a rope to the house and string it to the barn so we don't get lost while we are milking tonight! That would be fun :)

I apologize that there are no pictures with this post. I'll try my bestest tomorrow to get a picture for ya.

Hope you are still having an AMAZING time Mom and Dad! LOVE ya!

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~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Blizzard???? Sounds exciting!
Wish I could see it:)

Hope you have a great weekend!