Thursday, August 11, 2011

It. Has. Begun.

We started and completed one field yesterday!!! YAHOO!!!! Harvest has officially begun :)
I didn't end up having to drive the grain cart yesterday because the field was a good 20 min. from our house, and it just didn't make sense to drag that HUGE thing all the way out there, especially since we were hauling the grain home.
 So next field (*coming up SOON*) I'll begin my short career as a "grain cart driver".

Here are some pictures that Meg took yesterday when she brought the hard workin' peoples their supper....

We have 2 deer combines now.... This is the one that Dad drives....

Grandpa Pauls drives the Case....

Josh drives the semi.....

And mom drives this combine.... :)

Pastor Tony.... this picture is for you. This is the tractor that I'm going to be driving during harvest time. As you may (or may not) have seen..... it's a F-O-R-D. Not a Chevy, nor a Dodge.... it's a FORD.
I promise you, I will not be "crossing over the Ford" anytime soon.
Me and this tractor are going to be buds, tough buds.

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Tony said...

Driving that ford will make you feel blue :)
Pastor Tony