Saturday, August 6, 2011

We've bin busy...

Ha, ha.... putting together a 9000 bushel bin that is :)
I wish I could say that I have a picture for all the stages of building it... but alas all hands were kept busy from morning until night time, so not much picture taking. :(
It took us approx. 17 hours of constant work to get er' all finished.

Here in this picture we are putting the 2nd last ring on.

Harvest has already started. Dad and Josh swathed our first field on Wednesday, and it will be ready to combine SOON. 
BAM.... just like that summer comes to an end and harvest begins.
This winter/spring we bought a grain cart and another combine. So this year both Mom (driving combine) and I (driving grain cart) will be in the fields working with the guys to bring the harvest in. And during times that we are not harvesting... we'll be putting up another bin. 
Ya, so if I all of the sudden become scarce.... you'll know why, but hopefully every once-in-a rainy day.... I'll be able to update you all.

So with that said, I'm a gonna go and enjoy all the "down time" that I can.... before crunch time begins. Ta, ta!

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