Saturday, October 22, 2011

Catching up....

Alright, so life has been absurdly crazy this week. Not to mention the fact that our internet had been down for a few days.... so I'll spend this post getting you all caught up on life here at "Quiver Full Farms".

We celebrated Zachary and Jesse's birthdays. Since Zach's birthday is on the 16th and Jesse's is on the 18th, we usually celebrate both of their birthdays on the "in between" day.

Zach picked the meal (Kerri's perogies, macaroni salad and chicken fingers) and Jesse picked the cake......

Zachary got a bass guitar for his birthday... ahem, and a clown suit......
What a nut :)

Was Jesse's 9th birthday!!! I've been blessed beyond measure to have Jes as my little brother!

Tuesday also began a project that was to continue through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
(Wednesday we also brought home the cows from one of our pastures...)

Bringing in wood for the winter!!!

Dad and Josh manned the chain saws...

There was LOTS of carrying wood, throwing wood, catching wood, splitting wood and stacking wood going on during the whole week. We brought home, split and stacked  12 truck loads!

Megan was the master stacker....

Tuesday we brought the log splitter right to the place that we were getting wood from and split it before we put it on the truck.

The rest of the time we brought the wood home and formed a crew to get the wood unloaded, split, and stacked away all in one swoop. At one point we had a crew of 11 going!
This picture is Megan's vantage point of the crew. One kid would hand the logs to mom off the truck, she would hand them to Josh,  who would put the log on the splitter. I ran the splitter lever. Dad took the split logs and handed them to one of the many kids who were carrying wood. The kids then brought the wood to Megan who stacked it all!

The final product. 2 room fulls of wood for the winter!


Anonymous said...

Wow ya'll have been working hard!
I bet it feels good to have all that done!

Love you,

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

You guys did a great job, it was rather fun watching you all work!

Sharon said...

Do you use wood for cooking and everything else, or just for heat? It looks like a lot of hard work and clean fun... well, maybe you got a little dirty. :)

Breathe Deep said...

Sharon ~
We just use the wood to heat the house with our 2 wood stoves, as well for use in our wood stove in the skating shack that we use during playing hockey on really cold days.
We only ever cook meals on it if our power goes out and we are desperate :)

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

That is awesome! Way to go!!:)

Love you,