Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day in pictures

Seeding time.
Though it does not trump harvest in the "crazy busy" category... it comes pretty close sometimes.
To give all my readers a small glimpse of what our life looks like on a regular seeding day, I randomly picked a day in which I brought the camera with me everywhere I went and took pictures of all the goings on.
Considering that it was me that was taking pictures... it is all through my perspective. Though I did try to get pictures of the entire family at work, it was my job to keep everyone fed... hence there are lots of pictures of food!

So sit back, and be prepared because this is to be a LONG post!!

The morning began bright and not-as-early-as-dad. By the time I got up at around 6:30 a.m. he was already out in the fields.

I did morning chores, milking and the like before going on a morning run.
The weather was perfection!

This week I worked inside while Mom and Kerri tackled our annual spring outdoor cleanup. This particular day they took a break from bush cleaning and worked on cleaning out the "cat shed".

The kiddoes alternated between helping and playing all day, it is so nice to have such big helpers!

Joey was pretending to be Zacheeus. :)

After my run, I created my "to do list".

First on my list was making lunches for Dad and the kids that were going along that day.
Mikaya was my lil' helper...

It was then time to bring the lunch (plus a few kids!) to the field.

After coming home I began to make dessert for supper while the outside workers took a lunch break.

The lovely hard workers themselves!

Despite a crazy number of errands that mom had to run already that day (bringing Bob and Zach to work, bringing canola seed to the field, picking up a tire for the tractor... she figured that she left the yard a total of seven times!)... progress on the cat shed was being made!

After cleaning up lunch, I started to make french bread.

Just as I got it on the pan to rise, I got a call that Bob and I were needed to put out a ditch fire (started on purpose... no worries!).

After coming home and just as I was about to start making the lasagne for supper, I got another call that sent me finding a tire for the harrow and delivering it to Josh who was (of course) harrowing.

Time was now quickly running out, so when I got home I found me some re-enforcement.
Together we got supper made.

While the lasagna was heating in the oven, I quickly whipped up a batch of buns...

Then it was time for final supper preparations...

Getting it all packed up to bring to the field...

And finally, sitting down to enjoy it ourselves...

 After washing the dishes and baking the buns...

It was time to do some core training...

At this time Kerri went walking with Rebecca while Mom and Dad made a trip to Winkler to pick up a part (Dad had broken down).
When Mom got home she too went on a walk with Rebecca.

This beautiful sunset greeted me as I walked out the door to do the evening chores.

After the chores were done us gals did some relaxing before crashing in bed.
The guys continued with their work long after, Dad even going until the wee hours of the morning.

And then, after a few hours of sleep, it was up and at em' once again.
Every day is different, but every day is the same.
The guys work their long hours in the fields and those of us at home go about our day always ready for the call of needed assistance.
It is the crazy life we live as a family.
It is the life that we love.


Mandy said...

Wow! That is a crazy amount of stuff to get done! You are amazing Jen!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great post Jen, I keep meaning to do a day in pictures post, just haven't done it, you inspired me. :) Oh and I like how you get to see the sunshine when you go out to milk at night. (; love ya!

Country Girl said...

Wow wonderful blog Jen, very informational, life on the farm ♡ l love you, Asking God for continued strength for you all ♡

Rose said...

That is a crazy amount of food to make all from scratch in one day! Wow. Well done!