Friday, May 30, 2014

Freedom come

Looking in the mirror, seeing what has become;
The sparkle no more in the eye, but now the strong one.

Feelings built up like a wellspring of woe;
But can't face the crying that will come with the letting go.

Then turning to the things that stand in the way;
Instead of to the Hope that will always stay.

Not knowing true fullness is just within reach;
Open arms, healing hands, a faith that will never breach.

Struggling to hold on, there is something not known;
A seed already in the heart, just waiting to be grown.

Just a touch of His love will aid to understand;
The simple act of doing, be it hard to comprehend.

The power held inside, with the smallness of one step;
Will come to the rescue on the days of feeling inept. 

Obedience is simple, though insanely hard;
Though God's hand will bring strength, the way will not be un-marred.

But one thing always leads to another, before awareness comes to be;
You are running, you are flying... You Are Free.

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