Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rise up girl

Rise up girl
Out of the rest that oppresses your soul. 
Your heart has told you "enough".

Wake up girl
The night is gone, 
shield no more the beauty that yearns to be seen in your eyes.

Shine girl
No more hiding in the shadows of fear and shame. 
The world has waited long enough, show them who you are.

Run girl
Away from the things that pull you down into the pit of despair, 
run to the destination of open arms.

Believe girl
Stop telling yourself that all your hopes, dreams and goals are impossible to reach. 
You can. You will. You are.

Today girl
Later is never. 
Don't give in to the putting off of things, for regret is sure to be found.

Your strong girl
Even on those days that failure already scribbled a shameful mark before your feet touched the floor, strength is prevalent when you continue the fight despite the doubts that tear at your heart.

Remember girl
Take a look at your history. 
See the struggles that had you falling to your knees in defeat, 
yet now have you soaring high on the wings of freedom. 

You are never alone girl
Even if there is no physical person that is willing to attend to your physical need, 
there is someone who breaks the barrier of dimension. 
Never to busy, always listening, and forever ready and waiting for you to simply come.

Find Jesus girl
He holds your past, your present and your future.
Because of Him, you are beautiful, you shine bright, you have immeasurable strength.
The time of waiting has past, be the girl that He made you to be.
You can believe in yourself because you believe in Him.
 His mercy and grace a constant source for you in your time of need.

Sing girl
Give place to the song that has been placed inside of you for a purpose.
Let it out, let it be heard.

Rise up girl

All pictures courtesy of Phraze Photography.

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Aunt Ruth said...

that is beautiful. thanks for the encouragement.