Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad...

Tonight as I walked along the snow covered road and looked up at the cloud covered sky, I thought about you. I thought about how neat it was that, though you are basking in the warmth of the south and I am chilled in the cold-th of the north, we can still see the same sky. The same moon, the same stars.
I stood there in the stillness for half a second until I realized just how quiet it was and had a mini panic attack because I thought the cows had broke through their pens and were back with their calves. It seemed like they all got together and had a meeting, deciding to be quiet for a few moments to scare the wits out of me, because soon the chorus of moo resumed. What a beautiful sound. Especially at night when you really don't feeling like chasing cows in your pjs.

I hope Mexico is as wonderful as it always is. It was so foggy here this morning that I had to wait until the afternoon to run my errands. The trees are once again weighed down with hoar frost. I was going to take pictures of the beautiful sight, but somehow did not get to it.

We are still taking full advantage of the holidays, keeping the time we spend working to a minimum. The kids like this plan.

We had pancakes for supper today. Because pancakes are yummy and because I want to win best sister of the year award, and because Kerri said that I should make them (and... you know, I always listen to Kerri! :).

*Notice Joey's "funny face"*

Mikey has been a good little baby. He is happy. 
Yesterday he tried to crawl up the porch stairs. I put an end to that really quickly.

Since we didn't have any activities lined up for today, Ker and I had a nail painting party with the girls.

Mikey supervised. And tried to grab the nail polish when we least expected it.

All in all. First day went great!
Hope you are having fun... cause we are!! :)

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