Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It was Eli's day to pick an activity. He originally wanted to play a game, but when we got to the game cupboard the only ones that he was willing to play were way over his head. So we came to a compromise, he and the little kiddoes played with play-doe while the rest of us played a "big kids" game. In the end I believe that was what he would have rather done anyway.

Jesse's name was the one drawn out of the hat to open his gift. He was very happy with his new watch, "Just what I was hoping for!" I believe were his words.
I forgot to mention that my name was drawn yesterday. I am currently sporting my new nail polish colors, and the hair product... mama, you know me!

The boys played hockey twice today, and the little kids also were able to get some fresh air as the weather here has warmed up a bit.
Mikey stayed inside and played the piano. He is still been very happy and I chased him all over the house today just trying to keep an eye on him.
He has now mastered climbing up the stairs, little stinker, and I was busy carrying him back to his toys from there countless times.

I hope you were able to play in the ocean today. We miss you already, but hope that you are having a great time.

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