Friday, January 1, 2016


Being the eve of New Years, we partied hard and stayed up to late. It is possible that some children will need naps today... Even the biggest ones. :)
I was certain that Mikey would wake up at some ungodly hour just because I stayed up so late. But, he slept for twelve and a half hours, not including the pre-bedtime nap that he took. *my sanity thanks you Michael*

Speaking of Mikey, after I feed him his bottle in the mornings he always sees this picture of the both of you beside the bed and has to stare at if for a few moments.

Caleb and Zach were babysitting for Josh and Rebecca today (or, should I say yesterday), so we waited to do Jaden's activity till late afternoon, while *Kerri MADE supper!!!!!* 
The kids were happy to be able to eat her food again. ;)

Joey got to open his gift today. That smile tells it all. 

2016. Wow. It is hard to believe that another year has gone by.
Did you have a good time experiencing the Mexican new years party? I can't wait to see pictures of that. :)
Love you!

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