Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Seventh and Eighth

Yesterday my day was filled to the brim, so I wasn't able to blog. But I'll tell you about that later. Monday. You know how Mondays are around here. The boys worked in the morning and everyone was late getting their morning chores done. So we decided to do school after lunch instead of the morning. I got some laundry done and stuff like that. :)

Brooke got to open her gift. We are saving the movie for a girl party... which we hope to have soon! She was coloring/writing in her books all day. 

We didn't do an activity this day. Our day just kind of got crazy and time ran away from us. 
The boys played hockey in the evening and we had Becca and Taylor over for a visit.  I snuggled the baby extra lots for the both of you. She misses her grandma and grandpa!

Then came Tuesday. Of course you already know that Ker had a eye appointment today. Her, Mikey and I were all out of the house by eight in the morning. 
We left Mikey to visit with his big sister and nephew during the appointment and then we all headed into town to do some shopping together.

Mikey was so chill sitting in the cart. He was quite happy until the last five minutes. Then he decided that he had had enough of this shopping adventure. 
All in all, he did very good. Many people stopped to watch him because, well you know Mikey. I think he enjoyed the attention. :)

Meg was nice enough to help us get get good deals, and she pushed one of our carts. She is the best!

These two. Silas was kind of scared of Mikey at first, but by the end, on the ride back to Henry and Megan's, they were holding hands. I wish I had gotten a picture of it... but you will just have to take my word for it. So adorable! I have a feeling that one day they will be best friends!

We picked up some goodies for the kiddos on our way home. 

Eli enjoyed his while sporting this hairdo. I am not sure how his hair got like that. And I didn't ask. :)

Jaden had to wait till we got home to open his gift. He immediately got to putting it together. And of course you know how much he liked it judging by how many times he showed it to you while were were video chatting. ;)
When I took this picture I asked him not to fake smile. Apparently this is a very real smile.

After we had our supper of doughnuts and pizza pops, (we are trying to be healthier in the new year...) I went curling with Josh and his team. As I already mentioned to you we lost... bad. Our night ended up just being all about having fun playing the game. And we did that well. :)

We were happy to chat with you again this morning. I speak for every one of us when I say that we miss you! Have fun shopping today!! ;)

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