Thursday, January 7, 2016


The big story for this day was that it was the last school day in the quarter. Since we had to skip yesterday's school work, we were doubled up today trying to get caught up so they could finish and receive their goal incentive. You would be proud of how hard they worked to get it done!

Nathan was relieved to learn that he did not have to be the last one to open his gift. Poor thing did not have any time to play his game today, but he likes it! ;) There were several people (who's names will not be mentioned) that gathered around the minion operating table to entertain themselves. :)

Mikey has been eating and eating and eating and he still manages to be hungry all the time. I think he must be growing!? Or maybe it takes lots of energy to be so cute!

Jesse and I brought tractors out to the bins for Josh. When we got back we had a pizza party with the kids to celebrate getting to the half-way mark in school!

Ker and I put our feet up after making/cleaning up the party mess...

Four more days till you come home! 
We are still having a blast, but miss you more every day! 
Love you!!

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