Monday, January 4, 2016


I am currently typing with your almost - nine month old son on my lap. Of course you know how difficult this is, especially with this kid. Every once in a while he tries to face plant into the keyboard to eat the keys on top of constantly getting his hands free and trying to grab them.
Gotta love him! ;)
Of course, who wouldn't love this face?

We were at Dairy Queen eating a meal after church when I took this. He may or may not have been extra happy after having a couple bites of ice cream... he loves ice cream by the way. And french fries. But I would never feed my baby brother those things.

I took a couple pictures with my phone, because I didn't want to pull out my camera in the restaurant. Here they are in all their blurriness.

We were able to get out of the house on time this morning! Though some of the little kids did not get their hair done (I only realized once we were inside the doors of our church), and Jaden ended up getting into his boots without any socks on. I guess there were a few mommy things that we forgot to do.

As I already said, we went to DQ to eat after church and then headed home to enjoy our Sunday.

Elijah got to pick his gift today. I kinda cheated with him and sneakily made sure his name was drawn  He has been quite sad about not getting his gift day after day. I couldn't stand those sad brown puppy eyes he was making after his name was not picked anymore.

He shared his chocolate with everyone. And asked if he was allowed to get his binoculars dirty. He has been doing a lot of drawing in that little book!

Things are going good here. This week promises to be a busy one, and I think we are ready for the change of pace.

Missing you!

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