Monday, January 11, 2016

Twelfth and Thirteenth

The day that was twelfth we had a big birthday party at our house. We had brunch and then spent the afternoon visiting, relaxing, shopping (online... for snowmobiles and cars), baby cuddling and what-not.

We ended the day off with a big birthday supper and birthday cake. 
And haircuts, can't forget the haircuts. ;)

Yesterday I did not take a single picture. Not a one.
This Sunday all of the kids had socks on in church. Though I did notice that one child had a hole in his sock and another was wearing mismatched socks. But eh, at least their feet were warm.

After church we went to Dairy Queen again. We all laugh at how confused people look when we walk into the restaurant. I mean, I can understand. Two adult women with three teenagers and seven kids in tow. But I was still surprised at how much more people stared at us then usual. Which you know is already a lot. ;)
For fun Zach kept track of the amount of people that stared at us, twenty was his final number. He also  reported that one person mentioned that they were wanting to ask if we were a school group.

We had originally planned on doing an activity with the kids when we got home. But then ditched that plan to just relax. That is what Sundays are for anyway. :)

One more day!! Excited to see you!!! 

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