Saturday, January 2, 2016


This day was our last relax day before getting back to some normalities. Nathan picked hockey for today's activity, so we played with Josh (Happy birthday Josh!).
He liked his chocolates by the way. :)
I didn't take any pictures because, well... I was to busy playing.

Zach FINALLY (as he put it) got his name picked and these boys were able to play their game. It is never a good idea to know what your gift is... or you could possibly end up hassling your big sister every two point five seconds to see if you can get her to skip the name picking process and just let you have your turn. ;)

The day went well. (Except for when Michael puked in my hair... but I got over it.)
We were glad to be able to video chat! It made you seem not quite as far away.

Chillin' Dillon lived in the house for a couple of hours (until I saw bunny fur floating around that is.) Eli played with him basically the whole time. He built him a little fence with chairs, to keep him close I think. :)

Have a grand excursion day! Excited to see pictures and hear stories!!

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