Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Camping Trip 2017

Wow. What a month.
I have so much to share with you all, I have had so much fun, and learned enough to write a book. :)

I missed you all! I'm sorry for being a couple of days late with this blog post, but there has been so much going on that I haven't had the time... until now!

First up, the first of three picture posts.
I honestly wish I would have taken more pictures. It was hard, because I didn't want to take to many pictures of one thing, but I ended up not taking enough pictures of everything.
What you won't see are the MANY baseball and beach volleyball games we played, also a couple games of rocks on the beach (which was SO much fun, and helped us make new friends!). We spent nearly every evening doing some type of sport followed by a campfire with Tim Hortons in hand. I have the problem of being so into doing something, that I forget to be snappy happy.

Also not pictured is my first bike ride around the lake, which my AMAZIN', experienced friend Mary took me on. Many walks, and bike rides all over the place with family and friends. Boat rides, water sports, swimming, movie nights, and much more.

Anyhoo, without further ado... The Pauls Summer Vacation.

Canada day. There were many free activities on the beach that day, and we took advantage of them! Face painting, crafts, and of course... fireworks.

The main card game of the month... Phase Ten.

Food, food, food. We always make time for good food. 

One day, Meg, Silas, and Lincoln came over for a visit.
We put on a color scavenger hunt for the kids. 

Everyone came back with a bag full of colors!

July 7th, Brookie's birthday. 

Can't believe my baby sister is already twelve years old!

The girls decorated some birthday cupcakes...

Of course, with the exception of rainy days, we spent time at the beach every day. 

Relaxing... our favourite past time. ;)

That's the first bundle of pictures guys! More on it's way tomorrow!

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Shayla Thiessen said...

looks like a ton of fun!!