Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Second Bundle of Camping Pictures

Ok, we are about to get extremely random here, but hows about some more camping pictures??

Pops, grilling up a mess of thee best steak you will ever taste. 
(In my humble, unbiased opinion)

The Thiessen family came and camped with us for ten days. 
We had an absolute blast doing the camping life with them!

A lot of boys... a lot of fun!

One evening, Ker and Becs made us doughnuts.
Oh. My.

I think they were talking about how scary/not scary this toy snake was...

One evening there was a free movie at the drive-in theater for the kids.
Us "older people" decided to have a little outdoor movie night of our own.

Sand, water, tubes, blankets... ah, take me back.

July 29th was Jaden's 7th birthday!

I love this little man! <3

That's all for today!
One more picture post to go!

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Take me back!💚💜💙