Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday....

To the most wonderful, bestest... most AMAZING Daddy in the world!!!

I LOVE you daddy, everything about you... I love the way that you take the time and effort to lead our family in the right direction, not every father takes the time to care so much about what their family is doing and how they are acting like you do.
I love the way you protect me, and all of your little girls, yet at the same time you have taught us not to be china dolls. You have in your own way encouraged us to be your strong girls, strong in the things that matter.
I love the way that you never give up, there's not much in life that can phase you. You have encouraged me in so many ways to squarely face the big challenges and to never give up, even when things get tough.
I love how you teach us how important family time is. And how you encourage us all to spend as much time together as possible, not just by telling us, but by showing us through example.
And I LOVE playing on your team in hockey! Your the greatest team captain EVER!


AND.... Happy 2nd Birthday to JOSIAH!

Joey is one of those kids who can steal your heart with one look. He is a very serious little boy, yet at the same time he can be SO goofy.

He LOVES his big sisters, and his big sisters LOVE him ALOT. Joey and I have alot of fun giving each other hugs and kisses :) 
Ever since Joe was a little baby he has LOVED the Gaithers. We would put a DVD on and he would be quiet for a long time. As he has been getting older he has started liking them even more, He gets SO excited when we put the Gaithers on for him, this morning Ker had one of the Gaither DVD's in her hand and he though that she was putting it on, he started jumping up and down saying YA, YA, YA! 

Love you Joey.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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