Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strangely Quiet

It is strangely quiet around here, ya want to know why?
BECAUSE, 4 of the boys...
are gone to Ag days with Daddy!
What is Ag days you ask?
Ag days is a place where there are lots of Tractors,
Lots of Machinery.... And for the boys, lots of FUN!!!
So us girls are here at home with the youngest 4. 

Sickness Update: Please pray for Mom as she came down with it yesterday and is still not feeling well. Poor Josiah is still sick as well :(


Mrs. Pauls said...

Hi! I am happy to read your blog again. It has been a long time! I really like your new header. I just read your dream list, and I really like it. It makes me want to write a dream list too. We have a few things in common. A couple things that jumped out at me were the baking business, and the country house with the verandah.
Anyhoo... keep blogging - I love reading it.

Jenny's writings said...

Thank you Janette!
Well, I would LOVE to see your dream list if you wrote one!
Maybe we should start a baking buisness together eh? :)
Thanks for the encouragement!