Monday, January 31, 2011

Lifes Ramblings...

Life has been busy... in a not so busy way. Meaning that we could make it less busy if we wanted to, but we are fine with it that way.

In the mornings our house turns into a school. I'm in charge of teaching Caleb and Zach, while Mom teaches Jesse, Nathan and Brooke.
Early afternoons we are busy with getting all of our daily chores done, and most of supper made, so that we can spend the rest of the afternoon playing hockey.
The evenings are spent getting supper dishes done and hanging out. We either play games, play Wii, watch a movie or just sit around and chat.

So there is not alot of spare time going around here, but at the same time our days are filled with spare time :) Busy... in a not so busy way! It's one of the reasons I love winter!

Saturday and Sunday we watched the All Star Skills Competition and the NHL All Star Game. It's always a fun game to watch because it doesn't really matter who wins or loses. Everyone is just out there to have a good time.

This week I'm on kids (we split the daily tasks into 3 categories... Kids (changing diapers, getting them dressed in the morning and ready for bed at night and whatever else pops up), Laundry and Meals (breakfast, dinner and supper :). My sisters and I rotate once a week. Mom does what mom's do... as well as she fills in the blanks... ) so I decided to start potty training Joey... again.
We had tried to get him potty trained before we left for our trip to Tennessee, but it didn't work out. So we voted to drop it for a while.
So far it has been going okay. He has gone on the potty once... and three times in his pants. Not so bad of an average for the first day :)

Last week we had some REALLY warm weather! It got down to 1C (33F) for a couple days. But it is a given around here that when we get as warm of weather as that during winter... we ALWAYS get either a storm or REALLY cold weather. This time around we got both. Friday was 1C and then came the big winds and blowing snow. Saturday we had -30C (-22F) and -40C (-40F) windchill, Sunday was the same. Today is about 10 degrees warmer, which is a blessing :)
So around here... while it is nice to have warmer weather, it is always a bittersweet thing cause we know that the COLD weather will come with a vengeance... but I guess that is just Manitoba. Gotta love it!
AAAAnd instead of sitting inside huddled up by the stove, we make the best of it and keep on playing hockey. Ya know, you burn more energy when it is so cold, cause you've gotta keep moving when your out in it :)

One of "my" cows, Sally has been naughty. Well... it's not really her fault, but I credit it to her anyway :)
She got a sore on her udder, and the milk machine kept opening it up... making it get worse and worse. So for the past week, I have had to milk her by hand. And by the looks of things it will be another week until it clears up enough to put the milk machine back on her.
In a way I don't mind milking by hand, but it still is an inconvenience when it comes to the amount of time that it takes to milk (sad to say, I'm not QUITE as fast as the milk machine :). Oh well, ya have good times... ya gotta have bad times right?

Well, I guess I better be off... it's time to get them dishes done. I'll leave ya with a sweet picture of our sweet dog taken by my SWEET sister Meg.
Adios all!

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