Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home at LAST!!

Mom and Dad arrived safely home last night! We were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see them back...though of course we WILL miss the loudisher music :)
The house is back to it's normal state. No more grilled cheese sandwiches, no more secrets told with a shout, no more of getting worried about keeping a baby on schedule (trust me... it's harder then you might think :) and THANK GOODNESS no more tortilla shells!
We had almost every version of tortilla shell in a meal that you can imagine! It's the easiest meal to make (that is still really yumy) you know. :)

And I'll add (with the most serious voice that I can muster...) that although having Mom and Dad gone is certainly fun.... it is MUCH more fun when they
come back!

Especially when they come back with this!
And especially when this is something that you've wanted for a VERY Looong time (well... at least a couple months :)

I played it last night and Ker and I got up early to play it this morning. I have a word of advice... NEVER play the high intensity level two times so close together... especially if you are more or less out of shape like I am! Two words... SORE LEGS!!! Hello!
But it is still WAY fun, and I highly recomend it :)

Now I have to go and find a way to play hockey with the fam... let me tell you it could be interesting :)



Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Um... can I come over?!?! :)

Jenny's writings said...

Ummm.... YA! PLEASE do!!! Maybe we can show you how it's done this evening eh?
Love you!!!