Friday, October 9, 2015


Old Tuscon. So much fun.
We abandoned our campsite and began the thirty minute drive to our destination in the morning. The scenery was unbelievable. The mountains covered in what Elijah refers to as Pokypines. 
We toured the grounds. 
Rode on trains and cars. 
Learned why there was a law stating that you could not spit on the sidewalks (back then the thought was that tuberculosis was passed from person to person by touching an infected person's spit).
Overtook the carousel.
Watched gun fights.
Ate ice cream (you know us Pauls'... gotta have our ice cream!!).
Got sworn in as Deputy Sheriffs (the kids did), learning all about how the justice system got started and worked back in the eighteen hundreds in the process.
Went on a Stagecoach ride (checked off the mental bucket list!!).
Punched a guy in the face. Well, at least his stunt work made it look like I did. 
Watched a super fun comedy/stunt show.
Found some clothes that were worn during the making of "Little House On the Prairie", and learned that Michael Landon filmed some of this show at Old Tuscon (say what?!?!).
Tried on some hats as we were souvenir shopping, including one that made Mom remember how Dad looked when she first met him.
Found a sweet Camero parked beside our RV. 
Saw the most photographed train in the USA, and took a picture of it.
And just all in all had a grand old time!

Now have fun putting the words and pictures together... Muahahaha! :)

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