Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fourteen and Fifteen

We are now safe and sound in Souix City!
We got here about two hours ago after driving all day.

Yesterday we started out bright and early (well, it was early but not bright. :). We had a thirteen hour drive ahead of us and we wanted to beat the heat for the RV's sake. We did have to stop once after climbing a mountain. But other then that she did great!

These pictures below are from when we stopped to give the RV a rest. We are going to miss seeing mountains every day!!

We arrived in Liberal, Kansas close to eight o'clock. What a long day.
This morning we left early again, we wanted to get to the campground a little earlier so that the kids would be able to run around for a bit. Mission accomplished!
It was amazing stepping outside and smelling fall. I missed the sights and smells of falling leaves, and the crisp air. 

Sunrise and fingerprints.

There is a mini golf course here at this campground, the kiddoes had fun playing on it before supper...

One more big driving day and we are home!!!

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