Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hello from Arizona!!
We are stopped for the night at Williams, close to Flagstaff and about an hour from the Grand Canyon. Speaking of the Grand Canyon, we are visiting there tomorrow and I am not exactly sure for how long, but I am quite sure that they have no wifi there, so it may be a little while until I can post another update.

Anyway. We began driving at 6:53 a.m. (not that we keep track of the time when we leave or anything ;) and drove for about eleven hours. The weather here is nice and hot for us, but not so nice and hot for the RV, we had to stop once for a little bit to let her cool down. But all is good. :)

Today the driving was a little bit more crazy like. It was a good thing that we had to stop for groceries, otherwise we would have had to start making the kids do push-ups or something to get rid of some energy. :) Cards, electronics, minion colouring books, and movies were our friends today.

Yes, it does get messy... in case you were wondering.

I love driving through New Mexico and Arizona. Such beauty, I wish I could capture it.

You know things are crazy when we the women start doing this...

It helps us to refrain from doing things like this...

Tomorrow it is up early to see us some Grand Canyon!! We have changed time zones, so we gained two extra hours. You better believe we are going to use them! ;)

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Kaitlin W. said...

Ice cream, woo! :D Hope you're having fun NOT driving the entire day today. xD

Chloe spent the summer in Utah, doing her college internship, and travelled during her off time to the Grand Canyon and National Parks in Arizona and Utah. She said the landscape was just so much more epic than anywhere else she's traveled. Her pictures made me kind of wish I could have gone along, but her stories made me hesitate. I mean, this is the real wilderness--poisonous snakes, big spiders (which are pretty cool, admittedly), flash floods during rainfall (her supplies got flooded once cause she didn't realize she'd set up in a dry riverbed type situation, which only ran during rainfall)--you have to know what you're doing to go out there with a tent. :P

Would be kind of awesome to ride a horse through some of these epic landscapes though, eh?