Thursday, October 8, 2015


Ten days we have been gone. Though we are missing all of our family and friends back home, we are still having a blast!
The only pictures I took today were of Mikey taking his first few bites of baby food, which isn't really trip related. :)
So, how about a few words?

We were back up into the thirties weather wise today. Mom and dad took a few kiddoes on a four mile walk to get groceries... and a fire pit, which we are enjoying sitting around this very moment. See?? 

We dicovered that it is state law that you have to keep your fire contained and above ground. Thus, the new fire pit, because we like to be cozy around a fire in the evenings.  :)

We swam twice today. We have found that if we swim early enough in the morning and late enough in the evening we get the pool all to ourselves. Which is nice... being crazy Canadians has it's benifits! 

Other than a trip to the park with the kiddoes, there is nothing else to tell of this day. We are most defenetly taking the chill part of vacation time seriously! :)

Tomorrow we are headed to Old Tuscon to do some exploring there. Be ready for a huge picture dump... Because my trigger finger is rested up and raring to go!

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