Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Closing

It feels good to be home. Ya, it is cold here. But I like here.
Last night we got the RV unpacked, I milked my cows, got manure under my finger nails, saw two shooting stars, breathed in the crisp country air, hugged people that I love (and missed!), enjoyed a cozy wood fire, and slept in my own/soft/spacious/warm bed. 

Today there was lots of work to be done. We got all of the potatoes and carrots in from the garden. It feels good to get dirty again. :)

So, our adventure is over! I hope that you all enjoyed coming along on our journey! I still want to post at least once a week... we shall see how that goes. :)
I have a few pictures from the past to blog. I had been organizing pictures and realized that I have some from christmas that I still hadn't edited or shared. I better get that done before Christmas is here again!
Anyway... happy Thursday!

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