Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cheers for Saturdays

Saturday. The weekend. Yay!!
Today, we did the least work possible. Which still had us hopping much of the day, but we got some good relaxing time in too. :)

The laundry is missing you mom. Ker and I are both so confused about which clothes belong to which little boy. You may have some re-organizing to do when you get home. :)

Nathan got to open his gift today. He and the boys were playing with his new ping pong table thingy most of the day. I did take pictures of him with his gift, but I am to lazy to upload them right now. 

I gave our neighbour boys haircuts, Ker and I gave the girls a makeover, and Ker got us all organized for our early departure tomorrow morning. 

This morning I brought Mikey in bed with me, and he picked up the picture of you and Dad. He was so excited to see your faces, and he gave you both kisses. :) Whenever he sees a picture of you mom, he yells "Mommy!". So heartbreaking.

Most of the crew here has already settled into bed, and I should do the same soon. Hope the rain let up for you today and you were able to get that suntanning in! ;)

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