Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shopping and Pizza

After school today, Kerri, Becca, Taylor, and myself went to Winkler for appointments and shopping. We shopped for wedding shoes, dresses, and onesies. :)

We brought pizza home for the crew and had a big old pizza party. We accidentally fed the kids sugar (seriously... I don't know how it happened?!?) and they were UP THE WALLS. The full moon could have done it too. :)

Mikaya opened her gift today. The smile tells it all!

These three had a drumming session with the free Aveeno products we got at Super Store. 

I put on one of your shirts today. Maybe because I miss you. Maybe because they are easily accessible, or maybe because you are not here to complain... you'll never know. ;)

Right now I am at Josh and Rebecca's house babysitting while they are curling. It is quiet. I can hear the clock ticking. The end.