Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Usual

So today we didn't do anything fantastic or interesting. 
Since the boys worked at the barn this morning, we decided to postpone school for everyone until the afternoon so that teaching was not spread out through the whole entire day. 
Ker and I worked out and cleaned, and we did some relaxing. We also got to open our gift! (we were SO surprised! ;).

Mikey was quite cuddly today. He snuggled with us and we watched movies for quite a while. I think he has been feeling better too, he has been getting into trouble again. Silly monkey.

Jaden is still doing great! So... thumbs up!

Anyway, that was the sum total of today. Right now the boys are spreading some straw bales for the cows as it is supposed to get to -43 degrees wind chill! I hope you are enjoying all of that warmness!

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