Monday, January 9, 2017

ER visits and stuff

What is a babysitting adventure without an ER visit right?
Apparently that is what a certain little son of yours thought when he decided to place what he described as "a little metal thing" in his mouth that he found in a toy, and then... accidentally swallow it. 
It was 8:30 yesterday evening when he came up to me and told me this tale. It took me a while to figure out what it was, and while we were doing that, I did some research on kids and swallowing objects and what not. I found that as long as the object wasn't sharp and wasn't a battery, it would be fine, it would pass through, and all would be well. 
So I was like, ok... good. What are the chances that it is a battery? A little round piece off of a toy. It's going to be no big deal. 

But... once we found another intact toy that was exactly the same, he pointed to the one thing I didn't want him to point to. The battery.

Josh and Becca came by on their way home, and Becca called the health line while I texted you and did some more research. The conclusion was the same. Bring him to the ER immediately.

So off we went. Kerri came with us since most of the kiddos were in bed and since she knows so much more about doctors than I do.
The ER was pretty much empty, so Jade was able to get x-rays right away. Turns out that the battery was intact, and in his stomach. So, (as you already know) as long as it withstands the stomach acids, doesn't break apart, and passes through, he should be just fine. 

So, besides the fact that I have to "keep an eye out" for the little beast of a battery, it seems that the crisis is over. Hopefully. 
Ker and I laughed when we thought back to the few moments before you left and how we talked about the health cards and how we were sure we wouldn't have to use them. Now we are just hoping that we don't have to use them again!

We got a bit of a late start to our day. Something to do with being up late, I can't remember what we were doing. ;)

It was a normal day. School, some cleaning, some more school and the usual routine. 
It was snowing most of the day. Big beautiful white flakes. 
It has been so cold that we have been keeping the fires going constantly. Enjoy that weather especially lots for us! :)

Mikey picked Caleb's name from a hat today to be the one to open his gift. I would say that he loved it! We would have played his new game together tonight, but the boys had hockey, so we hope to tomorrow! 

Mikey randomly searched for the both of you today. He was quite emotional today, I think he misses his mommy/daddy time! Today was a day filled with "moments" for him. :)

Anyway, we are doing good!
Hope you are having a great time!!

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The Pauls' Family said...

Live this update! You two are amazing the way you handled the Jaden situation! Any yes, I hope no more visits to the ER! You've had a crazy start to our vacation. Can't wait to see pictures of the new game!