Friday, January 13, 2017

Wars of the Rubber Band Kind

Another cold day in paradise. :)
Picture for me the scene that is this house right now. Rubber bands flying through the air. "Ouch!",  "Hold your fire!", "I need more ammo!"are mixed in with the snapping sounds that rubber bands make... the war is on.  It's girls against boys right now. I can't tell who is winning. Kerri was the first one to shoot. She has been feeling good! Good enough to kick her brother's butts in a rubber band war. :)

I thought this would be a good time to write a blog post, since my rubber band shooting skills are not that great. Mikey has also joined me in escaping the fray. He is beside me at the table, organizing cards.

Today. School. Cleaning. Workouts.
Mikey is feeling so much better today! He has been getting into everything, and has been cleaning! He found a clean baby wipe and was washing the walls.
Silly kid.

Jesse got to open his gift. He was excited about his robot!!

Jesse, Brooke, and Mikaya decided to make a 'Mystery Meal' for the kids. They were in the kitchen all afternoon making recipes and preparing their menu. 

After supper, the party began. The dance party that is, with Zach showing off his best moves. 

This was the beginning of the rubber band war, before everyone started running around the house...

A truce has now been called. And it is time to settle into our evening. Soon the popcorn will be popped, and we will all cozy in and watch a movie together.
Friday nights, have I mentioned I love them?
Missing you both!

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