Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fire and Ice

It is time once again for Mom and Dad's annual Mexico trip... and our annual ten-day-long sibling party! (Whoop Whoop!!)
As per usual, I'll be posting everyday to keep the parents updated on how we are doing, and to help them remember our faces. :)
Today, is the first day...

Dear Mom and Dad...

We just finished eating birthday brownies. Dad, we all thought of you as we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate an extra bite or two in your honour. ;) (Happy birthday by the way!)

As Sundays usually are, so today went. Since non of us were on the worship team this Sunday, we got to sleep in a little. Except for me, my sleep was interrupted by the chorus of calf deprived cows. But they are all in their pens, so that is good.

Once we were all ready to go, we decided to let Joey open his gift from you to kick off the birthday cheer. Since you told us that these three little boys' gifts went together, they all got to open them at the same time. They were all pretty excited!!

Jaden got us to read the card for him before he opened his gift. I think the words meant the most.
As he was getting ready to rip into the present, he asked me "How many days until Mom and Dad get home?". When I told him ten he exclaimed "That's a lot!". Someone already misses you!

They had to try out the car track thingy right away. Of course, the bigger boys got involved and tried to get the car to fly as far into the air as possible...

We went to church, then to DQ afterwards with the Thiessens. It was also Eliana's birthday today (Happy birthday Eliana!!) so it was a big old birthday party. Just missing you. :)

We stopped at GT to pick up a few things for supper, and then headed home.

Of course, Joey wanted to play hockey, so his big brothers took him out to play for a little while, and then we played a new version of "Sorry (Fire and Ice)" that Kerri found at GT. 

He liked it. :)

Now we are snuggled up in the family room watching movies together. 
It was a good day.

Mikey has been wondering where you are. Yesterday he wandered around the house saying "Daaaaddy, I looooove you!" over and over again.
Then today he kept saying "Mama" repeatedly, so I showed him a picture of you, and he smiled. Really big.

We were glad to hear that your flight went well, and that you have safely landed in Mexico! Enjoy that sunshine for us. 

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The Pauls' Family said...

So good to see all of your faces! Im glad the boys liked their gifts. Sweet Jaden. Give them all a hug for me! Every time we see kids our kiddos ages we think of you all. Missing you, loving you, but having a super duper time!