Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pauls Family Trip ~ Day 3

Once again we were up in the morning at 6:00 a.m. getting ready to hit the road and shopping for groceries (the beauty of staying at a 24hr Wal-mart supercenter overnight....)
And we were on our way before 8:00.

I had not realized the beauty that we had driven into the night before until we were back on the interstate. (pictures cannot begin to do justice!)
Greens, yellows, oranges and reds are the colors of the trees that grew on the beautiful Missouri/Kentucky countryside.

Every so often there is a break in the trees and I see lakes, ponds and rivers all surrounded by and lined with the same beautiful trees.

The eye beholds little treasures in the things that it momentarily sees.
  • A windmill standing on a tiny island in the middle of a pond
  • Trees growing on a ledge in the rocky hillside
  • A home nestled in the bush close to the highway
  • Cows grazing in amongst the trees
  • A train track that can be seen winding it's own path through the trees
It was all hard to to look away from, even for a moment as it is often this unexplainable beauty that shows me God's incomprehensible love.

And so it was as we drove on....

We stopped to get some gas... somewhere (I don't have my journal with me at the moment, or I could tell you where :) and as we stepped out.... we felt the hot sun! (YEAH!)

And we continued on!

Soon we were in Tennessee... and beholding the beautiful Smokey Mountains. 
(once again.... no picture could do justice!!)

We arrived at our first destination, which is in Cleveland, Tennessee.
We are at KOA Kampground.

We got all set up and then EXCITEDLY awaited the arrival of our DEAR and AMAZING friends the Muncks! They brought us pizza for supper and we visited awhile before they had to head home. 
I was not able to take any pictures as it was dark (our camera is scared of the dark :), but just imagine 26 people excitedly talking to each other (we've got almost 2 years of catching up to do people!), and (the little kiddoes) running around playing together and you'll have it just about right!

We LOVE our Tennessee family and are SUPER excited to be spending more time with them today! 
I'm not sure when I will have access to Wifi next.... but I'll do my best to take lots of pictures and keep you updated.

I'll leave you with a picture (a blurry picture non-the-less) of some of the crazyness that happens as bedtime approaches....

Oh, AND I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil' nephew Andy!

Photo: Happy 4th birthday to our first born! Can't believe you're 4 already! We love you so much Andrew!!

I hope that you had a good day yesterday buddy! 
Always remember that Auntie Jenny loves you!!

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Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Andy says thank you. Wish we could be packed in the rv with you, looks like so much fun!!! Miss you lots! Oh and everything is going great at home!